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Poppy cake with cottage cheese

Poppy seed cake with cream cheese homo

I have to warm up for you cake, which – when they saw – I immediately liked it. And about him not mistaken. It's delicious! Delicate poppy tops perfectly with the light weight based on homogenized cheese. Czytaj dalej

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Babka week

Babka week

Grandma, which has always been in my house. Very fast and easy to do. And of course, delicious. Moist and fluffy, with a slight aroma of almond. Czytaj dalej

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Croissants Breakfast

Croissants Breakfast

I do not know anyone, Who would not like fresh, still warm bread for breakfast. So I prepared for you a recipe for the perfect croissant. Perfect for a lazy breakfast. Czytaj dalej

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Almond cake

Ciasto migdałowe | Almond cake

The idea of ​​this cake, I fell while taking a four-mazurka. If you need to bake the four tops, I knew, that the part of them will fit perfectly almond flavor. Czytaj dalej

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Mazurka with four layers

Mazurek z 4 layers | Mazurka with four layers

Four different layers of cake – Chocolate, Coconut, Poppy and Nut, apple mass postponed. I'll tell you, it is very tasty. A little time consuming, because you have to bake four cakes separately, but it is worth. Czytaj dalej

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Poppy seed cake

Makowiec | Poppy seed cake

Very tasty poppy mass, on thin, shortcrust pastry. Perfect. Are you looking just like me your recipe? It's no longer have to, just because today I present it to you. And of course, I would recommend very! Czytaj dalej

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Cheesecake with poppy seeds and lemon curd

Sernik makowy z lemon curd | Poppy seed cheesecake with lemon curd

Taste… Special and unique. Definitely different than a regular cheesecake. Mak, which is added to the cheese making, that had to close my eyes, it would be difficult to guess, what kind of cake. Czytaj dalej

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Poppy seed cake with streusel

Makowe ciasto z kruszonką | Poppy seed cake with streusel

Very easy and very tasty yeast dough. And what is important, doing it quickly. Well, this crumble… This time, I could not resist, and I was the first in obskubywaniu. Czytaj dalej

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Tricolor bundt cake

Grandmother tricolor / Tri-colour cake

This time, I suggest you to delicious, quite damp grandmother in three colors. Scented with vanilla, with the addition of cocoa and poppy. Who loves his grandmother, will not be disappointed. Czytaj dalej

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Czech cakes

Rolls with cheese and poppy seeds

Cake is done in many ways and with different additives, both sweet and savory. I propose today sweet cakes. Delicious! With cottage cheese, poppy seeds and plum jam. Czytaj dalej

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Pluszki – Russian yeast rolls

Pluszki - bułki drożdżowe

I had never thought, that used to fall in love with yeast dough. Because they are so hard to do and is so capricious. Now is a lie! According to. me there is nothing simpler. I love making yeast cakes and enjoy this wonderful fragrance which spreads through the house while baking. Czytaj dalej

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