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Chocolate cake with lemon cream + film

Cake with decoration in Lusk

This specially prepared a cake for my mother, who recently celebrated her birthday. It was important to me at this, he may be clogging or sweet. Rather, light and refreshing. Czytaj dalej

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Lightning McQueen cake with step by step instructions.

Lightning McQueen Cake - krok po kroku

This time the challenge was a big, because the cake was supposed to be for little Lightning McQueen fan!!
I do not really know, what I was thinking agreeing to this… 🙂 Czytaj dalej

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Witch's hats cookies

Witch's hats cookies | Witch hut cookies

Witch hats can be a great decoration for a Halloween party, but I think, that it could be also a good idea to prepare them for St. Andrew's Day or for the New Year's Eve party. Czytaj dalej

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International Day of Chocolate

Fin Carre Chocolates - milk chocolate

She would like to present you the brand of chocolate Fin Carré, which are available in Lidl. Among the range of products offered, Everyone will find something for everyone. Czytaj dalej

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Bajaderki (like cake pops)

Bajaderki (like cake pops)

Just an old biscuit, cake and little cakes and you can create. Quick and tasty. In a simple way we can prepare beautiful, small cookies. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate yeast bundt cake

Yeast grandmother for Easter Chocolate / Easter chocolate cake yeast

Compact, palatable, but quite dry, will not necessarily be so for all tastes. Be with chocolate icing and a glass of milk. Czytaj dalej

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Blondies with cherries

Blondies with cherries

Quite easy and rapid in execution – that is how I like the most. Fragrant white chocolate, moist but not so, as classic brownies, the taste was like a little cake Yoghurt. Czytaj dalej

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Cheesecake with chocolate

Cheesecake with chocolate

That cake, the perfect combination of chocolate cake with cheesecake. It is delicious and satisfies the need both for cheesecake, and the chocolate cake. It tastes a little like brownies with cheese, but it is more like a fluffy. Czytaj dalej

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I noticed, that this cake is quite popular recently in various forums and blogs, culinary. I forgot about him, But once, long ago, I ate them at my mother in law. And I really like it. Very easy to make and the effect – as the best pastry shop! Czytaj dalej

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Mazurek kajmakowo - Chocolate (2w1)

Easter chocolate Mazurka kajmakowo

Finally, Easter is almost seen, so you need to accelerate the pace. Cake as the recipe for the mazurka chałwowego. Half of the mazurka did kajmakową ground and the other half of the mass kajmakową mixed with the water bath, dissolved in bitter chocolate. Czytaj dalej

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Easter cupcakes

Wielkanocne babeczki

Very soft, very buttery and very delicious! So much to say about them. Simple in execution, although different from my favorite muffins that, that the ingredients you need to mix properly with each other. Beautifully presented in an Easter basket! Czytaj dalej

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Marbled bundt cake

babka marmurkowa

Like it very much. It reminds me of home and warmth ... It's so simple. Not przekombinowana. Just perfect. The original recipe was my mother's cocoa, which replaced the chocolate. My proposal for Easter. Czytaj dalej

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Wholemeal biscuits with chocolate

Ciasteczka razowe

Being the eternal diet, I decided to find something, what I could eat without so great remorse. I came across these cookies with Dorothy in 'My Pastries' and decided to check, or healthy cakes can be good and ... are. Few sweet, and the addition of dark chocolate adds flavor. Czytaj dalej

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American Chocolate chip cookies

American cookies

I love to bake cakes. In particular, such, that do not require much work and not have to be cut out foremkami. These are just such. And to this duuuuże and rich chocolate. And salted peanuts. As for me, a fantastic combination. The recipe comes from GoodFood Magazine '101 Cakes and Bakes'. Czytaj dalej

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Black Forest Cheesecake

Sernik Black Forest

Apparently a man's taste taste changes every few years. Fortunately, the, because otherwise I would never eat the cheesecake. It was one of those cakes, that do not pass me by the throat. Czytaj dalej

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My mom was baking it and it was one of the favorite cakes at our house. I start from him, because this is the first cake, baked by me alone. It is very simple and fast in execution and taste great. Quite heavy, wet and tight chocolate. Czytaj dalej

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