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Tort kokosowy.

Tort - bouquet of flowers

Mam dziś dla Was bukiet pełen róż, a do tego smakujący kokosem. Co powiecie na to? Zapraszam więc na kawałek urodzinowego tortu, rozsiądźcie się wygodnie, and I'm going to brew a cup of coffee 🙂 Czytaj dalej

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Poppy cake with cottage cheese

Poppy seed cake with cream cheese homo

I have to warm up for you cake, which – when they saw – I immediately liked it. And about him not mistaken. It's delicious! Delicate poppy tops perfectly with the light weight based on homogenized cheese. Czytaj dalej

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Gingerbread yeast.

Gingerbread yeast

This cake is delicious! Very fluffy and delicate. A bit like an old Polish gingerbread, because just as he, literally melts in your mouth. Czytaj dalej

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Babka week

Babka week

Grandma, which has always been in my house. Very fast and easy to do. And of course, delicious. Moist and fluffy, with a slight aroma of almond. Czytaj dalej

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Once wypiekaliśmy them very often, on various occasions and no occasion. Everyone liked them very. Welcome to the delicious peanuts! And of course, I would recommend very! Czytaj dalej

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Miodownik | Honey cake

The perfect cake for the upcoming holidays. The dough must lie a few days in the refrigerator, After this time, but literally melt in the mouth. Czytaj dalej

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Witch fingers

Witches Fingers | Witches fingers

Adored by some, by other hated. Arousing disgust and repulsion. Witch fingers… I recommend a very, the kids will be squealing with delight! Czytaj dalej

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Cream butter in Swiss meringue

Cake decoration PZY using weight-based butter Swiss meringue

Today's entry will be different. Taki hmmm… how to say – technical. Designed with the needs and at the request of many people. So I decided to show you, I do like cream to decorate the cake and the same decoration in the shape of roses. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate chip cookies

Ciastka czekoladowe | Chocolate chip cookies

I'll tell you, these cookies are so delicious, you can not stop eating them. If you have not been doing such cookies, are cordially urge you to not, I promise, you will not regret it. I recommend a very! Czytaj dalej

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Cookie press cookies

Cookies with razor | Cookie Press Cookies

Such a simple, so simple and so delicious. Cookies just melt in your mouth, and probably for many of you, have a nice memory of childhood. Czytaj dalej

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Vanilla cupcakes with cranberry

Muffins with cranberries

Until recently, the cranberry was completely alien to me, but when I first tried it, This is in love with her. So when I found the recipe for these muffins, I knew, that sooner or later will be hosted at my house. Czytaj dalej

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Chalk with bread crumbs

Chalk with bread crumbs

When I bake it so chalk, like retreat with time. Because chalk reminds me of childhood, family home, Heat… Czytaj dalej

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Yeast cones with apples

Yeast cones with apples

Today I propose you a yeast triangles stuffed with apples, but you can use any favorite fruit and it will be proudly. Very soft, fluffy and smaczniutkie. I recommend! Czytaj dalej

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Crisp butter cookies for Halloween

Cookies for Halloween

These cakes for the first time I made a few years ago. I immediately conquered our hearts and in particular the daughter of my heart:). It is made very simple and fast and the products needed for their implementation, we always have in your home. Czytaj dalej

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Spanish donuts

Spanish donuts

For some time walked behind me. So when and little daughter began to talk about them, For me it was a good excuse, to make them:) They are delicious, as the best pastry shop. Czytaj dalej

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