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Blueberry Cheesecake cold

Cheesecake with blueberries cold

It is good from time to time to clean out the freezer drawers, because you never know, what there may lie 🙂 I discovered a large quantity of berries, that it was high time to utilize. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate and coffee cake in cuffs (+film)

Chocolate-Coffee Cake | Chocolate&coffee cake

I hope, that not only the appearance of, but the taste will encourage you to face this challenge. Sponge cake soaked in coffee and liqueur baileys, superior coffee and chocolate cream. Czytaj dalej

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Meringue Pavlova

Beza Pavlova | Meringue Pavlova

Dziś beza Pavlova. Jest przepyszna, chrupiąca na zewnątrz, lekka i rozpływająca się w ustach w środku. I recommend you very much, jeśli nie jedliście jeszcze, na pewno się w niej zakochacie:) Czytaj dalej

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Russian Mazurka

Without the flour and fat. It is made hastily and looks very nice. It tastes worse or not:) The dough is made with ground hazelnuts. The cream on top is whipped cream. Who could ask for more? Czytaj dalej

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Tort serce

Cake with mascarpone cream-kajmakowym / Sponge cake with mascarpone-caramel cream

Cake itself is very simple, because I love the simplicity of. But very, so delicious. A delicate sponge cake boss delicious caramel-flavored custard. Czytaj dalej

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Biscuits with mascarpone cream

Biscuits with mascarpone

A long ago been my dream. Whenever I saw them in confectioners dostawiałam sialorrhea and had necessarily to buy and eat. I even think I would not come, that one day I'll bake them herself:) Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate cake with plums

Chocolate cake with plums

While some of the many conversations on Durszlaku, fell password 'upieczmy together some dough'. And why not? No one did not take long for the idea and willing to persuade immediately found herself almost the whole football team:). For me this is cool, new experience. Czytaj dalej

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Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake (rainbow cake)

Today, as a unique contribution to the previous, and perhaps even more… Today is 7 birthday of my greatest treasure in the world – my daughter of Susan. A unique opportunity, So unique cake, which after cutting caused a huge smile on the faces of all children and particularly jubilarian:) Czytaj dalej

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Tort diabelski

Devil cake with mascarpone

I would like to dedicate today's entry… themselves… Today is my birthday. Therefore, I offer a wish – you always wanted me to be so, and sometimes I do not want, so over my head the sun is always shining and everyone was happy to. Czytaj dalej

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Cheese cake with Daim batonikami

Cheese cake with Daim batonikami

This cheese cake walk for me from the very, very long time, but what I bought the most important component (bars), strangely disappeared from the cabinet. That is why in a moment of great inspiration and great desire for cheesecake, I went to Ikea and night, was ready:). Czytaj dalej

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