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Whole wheat buns

Whole wheat buns

A little mess of things in a bowl, and the resultant those delicious scones. The wholemeal flour, so they are quite heavy and very filling. But of course, very tasty. Czytaj dalej

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Blueberry Cheesecake cold

Cheesecake with blueberries cold

It is good from time to time to clean out the freezer drawers, because you never know, what there may lie 🙂 I discovered a large quantity of berries, that it was high time to utilize. Czytaj dalej

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Croissants, melted

Croissants, melted | Croissant melted

As I lay my head for a long time, ale zawsze były spychane przez inne wypieki na dalszy plan. But as you can see, which is delayed… it still bake:) Croissants are soft and fragrant. I recommend you very much! Czytaj dalej

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Yoghurt Cake with Strawberries

Yoghurt Cake with Strawberries | Yogurt cake with strawberries

So I announce my big success, I finally made it! I think it's my first time, when I'm in 100% satisfied with yoghurt cake. Light, fluffy and very moist. Czytaj dalej

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Cold Strawberry Cheesecake

Truskawkowy sernik na zimno | Strawberry cheesecake cold

Light, refreshing, slightly acidic. If you are amateurs such desserts, I encourage you to try, because not enough, that is really delicious, this is very easy. Czytaj dalej

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Muffins with surprise

Muffins with surprise | muffins with surprise

I have not done muffins long, long time.. So long, I almost forgot that if the baby can bring joy. These muffins are very moist, and also delicious stuffed. Anyway, see for yourself:) Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate bundt cake with yogurt

Babka czekoladowa na jogurcie

The grandmother was not planned. It was created spontaneously and as a result of various pleasant circumstances. And that is - my cookies photo was published on the detector as a Taste 1000 and thus I got some nice surprises. Czytaj dalej

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