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Gingerbread yeast.

Gingerbread yeast

This cake is delicious! Very fluffy and delicate. A bit like an old Polish gingerbread, because just as he, literally melts in your mouth. Czytaj dalej

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Honey cake (Polish Stefanka cake)

Honey cake (Polish Stefanka cake) | Honey cake (Polish Stefanka cake)

honey cake (Polish Stefanka cake). Cake popular in many homes. Liked and made the occasion of Christmas. Honey cakes postponed mass of semolina. I recommend you very much! Czytaj dalej

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Easy Apple Pie

Easy Apple Pie | Easy apple pie

Easy, known and popular. I like it as well. I've made it the first time 10 years ago, or better. It is delicious. Try, and you'll find yourself. Czytaj dalej

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Cake Malibu

Sponge cake with cream Malibu / Sponge cake with Malibu cream

A light sponge cake layered with superior semolina and coconut in the original recipe vodka heavily zakropionych, but I thought, that for such a set would be better fit Malibu. I was not wrong. Czytaj dalej

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Peach cake with semolina

Peach Cake

Today's proposal, is very aromatic and incredibly tasty cake with peaches. Proud, fragile bottom and vanilla, melt in your mouth filling. Perfect combination of flavors. Czytaj dalej

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