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Between the baking and the other one's cake, I decided to bake a Cake with a mass. So, for small variations. And then I remembered the recipe, that I'd got from a friend. I never eat that cake previously. I knew just enough, it is delicious, that has coconut and alcohol:) That, it must be good. A light sponge cake layered with superior semolina and coconut in the original recipe vodka heavily zakropionych, but I thought, that for such a set would be better fit Malibu. I was not wrong. It was a great idea. I recommend you very much!

A cake dedicated to my irreplaceable nandyman Andrzej, that two days ago celebrated 18:) birthday! I hope, that he will relish and it soar so, I'll spend the holidays in a new house:)

Biszkopt z kremem Malibu / Sponge cake with Malibu cream

Sponge cake:

  • 4 large eggs (white and the yolk separately) – if you have a small egg, Give one more
  • 3/4 glass of sugar (cup with me forever = 250ml)
  • glass of flour (250ml)
  • 3 tablespoons of potato flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder (omitted)
  • 4 tablespoons of water
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil

Whip egg yolks with sugar, water and oil for a fluffy, white mass. Sift the flour with the powder and stir into egg. Proteins beat stiff and gently stir the dough.

Plaque measuring 24×30 cm parchment paper for baking, pour the batter and smooth top.

Bake at 170 ° C for about 25 minutes or until dry stick. Remove from the oven, cool. Pretty cool cake tops cut into two.


  • glass of coconut (250ml)
  • glass of semolina (250ml)
  • half a glass of Malibu (125ml)
  • half a glass of boiling milk (125ml)
  • 200g butter, softened

In addition, for sprinkling:

  • desiccated coconut
  • grated white chocolate

All the ingredients except butter mix together and let stand all night in the fridge. After this time, beat the softened butter and add a spoonful of ground, mixing all the time.

Spread 3/4 weight on one leaf, cover second, Spread the rest of the weight on top. Believe coconut cake and sprinkle with grated white chocolate. Cool in the refrigerator.

Biszkopt z kremem Malibu / Sponge cake with Malibu cream

Biszkopt z kremem Malibu / Sponge cake with Malibu cream

Biszkopt z kremem Malibu / Sponge cake with Malibu cream

Biszkopt z kremem Malibu / Sponge cake with Malibu cream



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6 years ago

And I was not delighted cake – cream came out very dense, it was difficult to spread on the dough. In addition, in my opinion, it is too much malibu.

ania tastes
6 years ago


8 years ago

I made this cake Przedwczoaj with a slightly modified mass (not to have matured in the refrigerator). Unfortunately, the dough before adding the foam of the proteins was very thick and I had to have some time to mix these proteins well but distributed the cake (a mixed in. “Manual” absolutely there was no. Probably because little cakes came out and walked a thin sponge cake (although verbatim tasty 😀 ). I gave up on the bottom of the strawberry jam (for przełamiania coconut), on the weight, then melted white chocolate, almonds and shredded 🙂 Pyyyyycha! PS. I have a homemade egg (custom size) and flour – it may at fault? Should be as dense cake before the addition of protein,… read more »

9 years ago

Cake looks Delicious. I am thinking of making it and faced a couple of questions. How much is 4 buckets of water and if possible to Substitute potato flour on corn starch? I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

9 years ago

Cake looks wonderful. Write them on the list of baked goods to try, but I'm sure, that this will happen soon 🙂 already I can not wait.

9 years ago

The smell of summer 🙂 Piekna proposal for an afternoon coffee 🙂

9 years ago

ooo what a beautiful and to the coconut:))) my favorite

9 years ago

Cake looks insanely, please tell me, or porridge to be cooked or raw?
I greet, zebrra

9 years ago

I think that after such a dose of energy that provides a piece of this delicious Ciacho it certainly work go smoothly 🙂

9 years ago

Cake looks delicious. I reach for a piece of 🙂

9 years ago

Very interesting cake. It looks and tastes just like a JTM a, it is delicious:)

Domi from the kitchen
9 years ago

Task… cake like paradise 🙂
I love malibu, but in this version you do not eat 🙂

9 years ago

Well now there is no foreman Andrew Foreman output 🙂 I wish you all a very Happy Birthday 18 :), Asya and you and your Family of fast residence in his new home.
Cake looks insanely, as always warmly greet 🙂 🙂

9 years ago

yum 😉 what I would give for a piece!

9 years ago

This mass of sweet coconut.. super!

9 years ago

Yum! option of malibu is very tempting, writes..

9 years ago

Grandmothers are divine, but the variety does not hurt anyone looks beautiful 🙂!

9 years ago

Appetizing cake;) We are happy to be a piece skusiłabym;)

9 years ago

Great cake! It looks so beautiful… and to the malibu, that I love;)

moje pasje
9 years ago

Wounds… I read the recipe twice to end yet not looking at 🙂 I love coconut and everything associated with her 🙂 I remember in high school yet daaawno ago I had the coconut perfume 🙂 drove them crazy friend 😀 dough saved 🙂 The bank will do 🙂

9 years ago

Great cake! I just love coconut. I would gladly eat a piece of goodies for breakfast even 🙂

9 years ago

such a beautifully snowy…. but i spring ;P

9 years ago

crazy bones! nothing but reach for the next