Give your loved ones the iced gingerbread

Decorated gingerbread cookies and an advent calendar

There, who have been following the blog for a long time, especially since, when new regulations appeared here, knowledge, that decorating gingerbread cookies for Christmas is a whole-family activity. Not much has changed since then – otherwise, that Paweł withdrew to the tasting position and Zuzia pulled up the workshop and sparkled with ideas. A year ago I thought about making Advent calendars – these little ones charmed me, though I was afraid, can we cope with the decoration of these midgets? – you won't find out, if you don't try – We took up this challenge with my daughter. Maybe you will try too?

Decorating gingerbread cookies

You can use the recipe for baking gingerbread cookies Ginger or Gingerbread (recipe from Anna) (they are tougher, take time to soften). Recipe for frosting my husband had committed – the key to decorating is to prepare appropriate densities. It is also worth getting an edible marker for inscriptions and details 😉 i… to work!

Decorating gingerbread cookies

After a few attempts, Zuzia and I had dozens of kids ready for Advent calendars (We bought the boxes a year ago and waited patiently for their time). As soon as I praised my friends, I knew, that I will have to order a lot more boxes and the next nights before 1 December will not belong to “well-rested” 🙂 And so the mini-production started – Paweł was putting the boxes together and Zuzia and I were dabbling in the frosting. It's a hard time – there wasn't even a time to take pictures with the camera – get those from your smartphone:

We know one thing for sure – if we undertake orders next year, then we will collect them in August, not in the last week of November 😀 – it was really hard to say no, but the day only has 24 hours and distance learning cannot be 'in frosting'. If you don't want to miss this moment, like Zuzia's gingerbread profile on Instagram @Gingerbreads (<— here you can (try) order)

Mark opening relationships!
It's so nice to be surprised what popped out of the window and whether you liked it!

At Insta – @SlodkiePierniki

Tadam! Update!!!

A gingerbread shop was opened “Sweet Gingerbread“- there you can see patterns and sets and order.
(Foreign orders via email after agreement)
Advent calendar with gingerbread cookies on request
Eventually, each gingerbread went to the foil, sealed T-shirt

Gift sets of glazed gingerbread cookies

The next stage after the calendars were gingerbread gift sets. Packed in boxes with a window after 1, when 3 or after 4 gingerbread. Such consolations for those who did not get the calendar 🙂

I don't think there is anyone, who would not be happy to see such a gift?
…and we drowned in frosting again 😉

Gingerbread tables on request
Give your loved ones the iced gingerbread
Iced gingerbread as a gift
Christmas Gingerbread

The gingerbread moose wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Moose gingerbread - wish you a merry christmas

Welcome to my gingerbread shop (and Zuzia mascots):

Link to the shop with hand-iced Christmas gingerbreads

Like our gingerbread profile on Facebook -> FB – Sweet Gingerbread

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6 months ago

A very interesting idea :) I haven't seen anything like that before :)

Konrad Karwat
1 a year ago

Dear, you will understand, when I write, that I already have a CHOCOLATE Advent calendar 😀 but… what's the harm in having another, gingerbread 😉

Driving school Bytom
2 years ago

A very nice idea 😀

3 years ago

It is simply a phenomenal job… I admire you for your patience, for creativity and self-denial, because the hell would hit me 🙂

3 years ago

Cute! I would like to give them to my mother. Did I understand correctly, that you can order such gingerbread from you?

Gingerbread cookies for Christmas
Reply to Wojtek

This year, a shop with our gingerbread was opened - there are sets of gingerbread cookies for Christmas, for Halloween and our advent calendar with gingerbread cookies -> Welcome!