Competition - Christmas Pastries

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Competition for the holidays I planned a long time ago ... has accumulated too little, I hope cool 'prizes' for awards.

However, in recent times I have a hard time associated with doubt in people and not missing a lot I would give up on this whole engagement. But somehow ... I gave advice after you! Truth? 🙂

Konkursik as the previous, Easter is a very simple. Just the end of the day on Christmas Eve, 24.12.2013 (midnight - the last time the shipment prior to midnight mass) upload a photo of your own holiday baking.

Just bake a cake, that you associate with Christmas, take a photo and send to me (recipe welcome). Triple jury: me, Susan and Pafka select the winners, who will receive awards. Truth, it's easy? Any volunteers? I hope, that together we will have a good time ...

Nagrody konkursowe

Terms contest:

  1. The subject must refer to baking Christmas.
  2. The dough must be baked alone, and the picture must be visible Sweet Calendar 2014 or a fragment thereof. (Photos without calendar will not be taken into account)
  3. The proposed baking does not have to come from my blog, but it will be nice to me, If you examine the category Pastries for Christmas - Can find inspiration there.
  4. You can send up to 3 pastries.
  5. Selection of winners will be subjective and personal preferences mastered.
  6. The competition is open to people from outside the country, provided, that the shipping address is in Polish (or cover the cost of shipping abroad).
  7. Photos should be sent to, in the mail, please give the name and nickname's baking, which will put the photo (welcome is the recipe - the last of the missing with many cool pastries).
  8. All photos submitted to the contest will be posted in the contest album on moim profilu Facebook.
  9. The deadline for submitting photos – end of 24.12.2013.
  10. Results will be announced on the second day of Christmas – 26.12.2013.
  11. Taking part in the competition you accept the rules.

And now perhaps most importantly - Awards. As before, – only the organizer and sponsor of the awards at the same time I'm 🙂

To the prize pool hit:

Place 1 – two sets of stamping plus set wykrawaczek

Nagrody konkursowe - stempelki do ciastek i lukru

Nagrody konkursowe - komplet wykrawaczek

Place 2 – stamps for cakes plus two books

Nagrody konkursowe - stempelki do ciastek "home made"Nagrody konkursowe - książki kulinarne

Place 3 – precisely three thirds of… for each of the packet and wykrawaczek

Nagrody konkursowe - foremki - wykrawaczki

Distinction – beads for decoration.

Nagrody konkursowe - perełki do dekoracji




Short info about the action for which the competition is supported.

Involved with all support each other in the share of Lower Silesia Association for People with Down Syndrome TOTAL. More about this action read here.

In short - should be supported by a donation of $ 20 TOTAL Association and in return I offer Sweet Calendar 2014 year. Professional Publishing, offset printing, A4, beautiful pictures but most of all noble goal. (You can not give up the calendar but then the contest will be impossible).

How to take part in the | Information Association


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6 years ago

Chciałam spytać gdzie można kupic takie fajne stemple i wykrawaczki? Regards 🙂

7 years ago

for me it is a little spoof! Do not have a calendar that you're not involved!

7 years ago

Yes, I would like to take part in the competition, Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to buy the calendar:(

wolf aga
7 years ago

great fun and great prizes, I try so hoping for some small happiness. Fotkę nr 1 already sent. Kisses

7 years ago

I take part, without a doubt:) Asya where you can purchase the stamps from the first picture is divine

7 years ago

Super – we will be photographed with his son 😉 and of course thank you for Calendar 2014, I arrived a few days ago.
Greetings from Arnsberg

7 years ago

Too bad only for people who have bought the calendar

7 years ago

a pity that the only people who bought the calendar may participate 🙁

7 years ago

Asiu, over the competition. I really like the combination of competition with the action and calendar support 🙂
I mean, I already can not take pictures?… Of course, out of competition, to which no one seated us about favoritism 🙂
Kisses and keep my fingers crossed, You know what 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to Asiek

Exactly, Your competition and your sacred right to determine the rules, which do not all have to like.
Asiu, I know and you do not have to convince me… but both also know what people are 🙂