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Finał konkursu z Almette Fruit – relacja.

Fruit finals Almette

Jak zapewne część z Was wie, w ubiegłą sobotę odbył się finał konkursu Taste the Summer by Almette Fruit. Wzięło w nim udział 10 blogerek wraz ze swoimi 4 osobowymi drużynami, including, of course I 🙂 Czytaj dalej

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Konkurs z Almette Fruit

Almette fruit

Chciałabym Was serdecznie zaprosić na konkurs „Taste the Summer by Almette Fruit” , w którym będziecie mogli puścić swoje wodze fantazji i wykazać się pomysłowością oraz kreatywnością. W roli głównej serki Almette z serii Fruit. Czytaj dalej

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The results of the competition “Bake the cake for Sweet Cupcakes”

Oj, You made me pleasure but these cakes! Injury, that there is no option “try the monitor”, because with great eagerness skosztowałabym by bit with each 🙂 Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate cake with lemon cream + film

Cake with decoration in Lusk

This specially prepared a cake for my mother, who recently celebrated her birthday. It was important to me at this, he may be clogging or sweet. Rather, light and refreshing. Czytaj dalej

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Contest – bake a cake for Sweet Cupcakes!

the prizes - Bake something for Sweet Muffins

I invite everyone to participate in the competition for sweet – invite me personally baked cake 🙂 . Czytaj dalej

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The taste of defeat


Failure can taste differently ... says the, that has a bitter taste. My had a sweet taste. This will be the entry of Sweet defeat. Czytaj dalej

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Competition - Christmas Pastries

Awards Competition

Competition for the holidays I planned a long time ago ... has accumulated too little, I hope cool 'prizes' for awards. Czytaj dalej

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Cream butter in Swiss meringue

Cake decoration PZY using weight-based butter Swiss meringue

Today's entry will be different. Taki hmmm… how to say – technical. Designed with the needs and at the request of many people. So I decided to show you, I do like cream to decorate the cake and the same decoration in the shape of roses. Czytaj dalej

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International Day of Chocolate

Fin Carre Chocolates - milk chocolate

She would like to present you the brand of chocolate Fin Carré, which are available in Lidl. Among the range of products offered, Everyone will find something for everyone. Czytaj dalej

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The results of the competition 'Easter pastries’

The results of the competition

The first contest on the blog came to an end. I must admit, that the number of entries passed my expectations. The choice was very, but it is very difficult and proceeded in several stages. Czytaj dalej

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Contest – Easter pastries

Competition "Easter pastries" - Awards

To further encourage you to baking, I would like to invite everyone to take part in the first competition organized by me. Czytaj dalej

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Happy Easter!!

Easter 2012 - Happy Easter !

Healthy and happy Easter. Czytaj dalej

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Royal icing decoration

Cottage with icing

Royal icing decoration – simple matter and the results amazing! Provision not only of icing but also the idea to spend the evening – especially when children are (and her husband 🙂 ). Czytaj dalej

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Competition and some prizes

I would like to cordially invite you to participate in a competition organized by friendly portal iLunch. He is young but very rapidly growing and extremely interesting portal, that seeks to promote the idea of ​​healthy eating. Czytaj dalej

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Common cooking with Robert Sowa

Robert Sowa over garem carrot soup :-)

On Wednesday, the second time a workshop was held in the Culinary Academy Culinary And the second time I had the great pleasure to participate in them, and under the watchful eye of chef Robert Sowa prepare exquisite dishes. Once again, – to my great joy – the menu was a sushi. Czytaj dalej

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A culinary adventure c.d.

Delicious muffinka - Robert Sowa

It's been weeks since the first meeting of the "Academy of culinary iluncha" and I still can not shake off the impressions and emotions. How was? Despite my great concern and the initial resistance, meeting proved to be a fantastic culinary adventure. After a brief information of what … Czytaj dalej

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A culinary adventure

Zaproszenie Akademia Kulinarna

Portal iLunch organized under the slogan “Akademia Kulinarna iLunch” exclusive series of workshops for restaurant owners. The formula is based on meetings with “figures” Polish cuisine, where in addition to nice time, you can exchange experiences and even – ba! – try under the supervision … Czytaj dalej

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