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Meringue ghosts + step by step video

Bezowe duszki after Halloween | Meringue ghost

This is the last recipe proposed a Halloween. Sweet little meringue ghosts formed under compulsion. Czytaj dalej

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Swedish apple muffins

Muffins with Apples

Today, the provision of a series of fast, easy and tasty. From the top of the pastry, stuffed in the middle of apple sauce. It's a mini version of apple pie. Sincerely recommend! Czytaj dalej

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Royal icing decoration

Cottage with icing

Royal icing decoration – simple matter and the results amazing! Provision not only of icing but also the idea to spend the evening – especially when children are (and her husband 🙂 ). Czytaj dalej

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Blondies with cherries

Blondies with cherries

Quite easy and rapid in execution – that is how I like the most. Fragrant white chocolate, moist but not so, as classic brownies, the taste was like a little cake Yoghurt. Czytaj dalej

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Crisp butter cookies for Halloween

Cookies for Halloween

These cakes for the first time I made a few years ago. I immediately conquered our hearts and in particular the daughter of my heart:). It is made very simple and fast and the products needed for their implementation, we always have in your home. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate pretzels

pretzels cocoa

Such a simple cake, ot, just cocoa biscuits. But I have something of such, that when they saw, I knew, I had to do it. They are tasty, just in time for afternoon tea, or jackdaws:). Czytaj dalej

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