Buttermilk Cake with fruit and crumble

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Very simple and quick cake, which does not even have to pull out the blender. But it is not so, it is easy as pie, it is not possible, that did not work out. I have often convinced to, it, what apparently seems to be trouble-free, can cause big problems. Problems with the title ZAKALEC! I know, that for many of you, as for me, cake with buttermilk, kefir or yogurt is a challenge. Such was the challenge she threw on her fanpagu Margarytka. And I decided to take them. I did not count on success, a rather spectacular failure – As always with this type of dough. Ale podeszłam the tematu „for the reason”. Because if I bake muffins with the addition of kefir, or buttermilk and NEVER happens in them zakalec, it to the dough must be approached carefully so, the pin on the muffin. To be frank, that even the buttermilk was straight from the fridge :) A zakalca brak! Remember, that you should not mix the dough, I mixed it be just exactly fork. So the battle, because the cake is delicious, moist and disappear in the blink of an eye. And to this crumble… :) I recommend a very!

And for the recipe and break the curse zakalcowej thank you Margarytce.

Buttermilk cake

Ingredients for the crumble:

  • 150g flour
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 80g cold butter

All components crumble between your fingers to develop consistency „wet sand”. Refrigerate.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • 350g flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar * (or a little more, if you like a sweeter dough)
  • 1 spoon of vanilla sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1/2 glass oil
  • 2 large eggs


  • Any fruit in an amount, that covered the entire top of cake

In one vessel, combine all dry ingredients, a second all wet. The contents of both vessels combine and mix, until all the ingredients are well combined. The dough will be quite thick and this is to be.
Badge with dimensions of 20x30cm baking parchment paper. Pass the cake, on top of the spill washed and dried fruits. Sprinkle with bread crumbs.

Preheat the oven to 175 ° C (hot air + heater down) or 180 – 190° C (heater up – bottom). Put the dough and bake 45 – 50 minutes, or the so-called „dry stick”. After this time, remove the cake from oven and allow to cool.

my glass = 250ml

Buttermilk cake

Buttermilk cake





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53 response to „Buttermilk Cake with fruit and crumble

  1. avatar GosiaGosposia writes:

    Delicious! I baked in the morning, I eat just coffee. I gave blueberries and frozen strawberries, no dressings. :)

  2. avatar Goshia writes:

    Can I use frozen fruit? Currently, the season has not started yet and I have trouble. If you can or freeze them first? Thank you in advance for your answer :)

  3. avatar Jagoda writes:

    That cake,is one big zakalec🙁

  4. avatar Balcuś writes:

    Delicious!!! Delicious!!!! I do with rhubarb

  5. avatar Balcuś writes:

    Delicious !!!, Delicious !!! what I do with rhubarb for the second time

  6. avatar Mel writes:

    Thanks for the recipe! The cake was delicious and was spread in an hour :-) I am an aspiring cook and expect dressings , and here it came out delicious and moist cake with an almost fluffy blueberry and peach :-) Pychotka

  7. avatar Ola writes:

    This is my favorite cake, ponieważ jest bardzo łatwe, nie potrzebuje miksera, robi je się niezwykle szybko, a co najważnejsze, jest po prostu PYSZNE!

  8. avatar Jola writes:

    Delicious!! robiłam wiele razy, of different fruits :-) .Thank you for the recipe!!!

  9. avatar Eve writes:

    Właśnie piekę to ciasto z truskawkami, zamiast kruszonki dałam płatki migdałowe. Pachnie obłędnie! :-) I can not wait :-)

  10. avatar Monika writes:

    Właśnie moje jest w piekarniku :-)

  11. avatar Sloneczko writes:

    Delicious cake! Hell them today and revelation! Moist, not sugary, and it gets them an express. I also gave kefir, instead of buttermilk and skipped crumble ( I somehow dough does not fit ucieranego). I note that the length of the baking. Hell in 160 degrees by 10-12 min and it worked great. If I held 45-50 min wyjęłabym probably be able to charring:). But baked on a large baking tray so it was not high and it may therefore. Thanks for the recipe and greet

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      12 minutes?? It probably had to be the largest sheet. For such as baked gave about 45 minutes. The dough is quite high.
      I'm glad, that taste :)

      • avatar Sloneczko writes:

        hehe:), no no not the greatest, because then it osiągnęłabym height unless pizza;), but it's probably my oven life of its own and is baked at a higher temperature. I found out about this after inserting additional termomertu:/

    • avatar Ola writes:

      Kruszonka w tym cieście robi naprawdę wiele dobrego, ale musi być koniecznie na maśle. Cudowny aromat i smak. Yum! :)

  12. avatar pieguska writes:

    I could browse for hours Your recipes, always found something nice to try. I need to write – I just love to look here :) I can not imagine cooking without Sweet Cupcakes blog :)
    Waiting for the next sweet recipes with impatience :0)

  13. avatar MMonika. writes:

    Join the ranks of praising cake. Tried, very good. Crumble finally came to me as it should. Regards.

  14. avatar Magda writes:

    Welcome Asia 😉 me wonder, if this cake can be frozen after baking? I think so because 😉, to do on a large baking tray with a double portion, and after cooling of the freeze. it would be just in time for the event of an unexpected guest visits 😀 what you think? And how can it possibly be thawed? I greet the heat 😉

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      You like the most, just after cooling, wrap in aluminum foil and wrap tightly in a bag and already. Thawing leave in foil, will be fresh as after baking.

  15. avatar Wuyu writes:

    The easiest cake in the world. Made from cherries and already in 1/3 eaten . Next time change in the oat crumble or almond did not have the consistency he held me. Cake recipe worth 5 *. I will never pile of dough with fruit cake :-)

  16. avatar Basia writes:

    I love this cake! Hell again, Today recommend the blueberry! Pychotka :) I look forward to new rules. Yours sincerely

  17. avatar nikuska81 writes:

    came out great, announce the end of the curse zakalcowej associated with yogurt cakes :)

  18. avatar Sandra writes:

    I made the pudding and nectarines. The whole roasted smeared a mix-, heated peach jam. PRIDE!

  19. avatar Basia writes:

    I did on Thursday, came out great! very simple to do, delicate buttery taste, light and fluffy. I added strawberries :) All tasted. We are waiting for new legislation, bo sa extra!

  20. avatar Sandra writes:

    A and another question, I forgot about that :(
    Where is the best store batter? It is better in the refrigerator or at room temperature? (Having that in. version of the pudding)
    Thank you in advance for your answer to both questions.
    Regards :)

  21. avatar Sandra writes:

    You can add to the dough „grid” with custard? Will it be too hard?

  22. avatar anita writes:

    I went mega zakalec. But I'm not complaining because I like salad dressings 😉
    I did not have buttermilk so I gave yogurt but I did not add the milk and can therefore went out zakalec? Or maybe because I have a little larger mold?
    Even so, I often come back to this provision :)

  23. avatar Basia writes:

    It's delicious!!! I did yesterday with strawberries. Instantly you are doing, super smakuje, beautifully grown. through!!!

  24. avatar Kasia M. writes:

    Tomorrow I'll bake with fresh plums, I firmly believe it will work just as delectable as yogurt with strawberries :)

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      And I believe that! :)

      • avatar Kasia M. writes:

        After the dough no trace, probably never broadened my cake in one day, ba! in one afternoon! Unfortunately zakalec was in the middle of the dough only, it can wine plums? But it does not matter because Spread pride and I will repeat for sure :)

  25. avatar piekarniczka writes:

    Could I add buttermilk instead of plain yogurt? I know, that the blog is also a recipe for yogurt cake with strawberries, but lately doing all the time, So it seems to me better. Please quick reply, I greet.

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      You can add yogurt, but if the batter was too thick (buttermilk, however, is rarer), add a little milk. It is better than yoghurt. I make them last, because it is much faster. That cake is, however, slightly different, if lighter.

  26. avatar Eve writes:

    It looks delicious… , tomorrow will be with strawberries… I hope no dressings :)

  27. avatar magma writes:

    pride:) zjadłabym piece:)

  28. avatar Pyza writes:

    me too dressings lack of a cake is so simple and at the same delicious, that summer you can bake in the round :)

  29. avatar iza writes:

    Buttermilk cake love 😉

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