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Lombard Easter bread

Lombard Easter bread | Lombardy Easter bread

Toast is very fluffy, very soft, gently fragrant spices and the not so pretty… And most importantly, long lasting freshness. Czytaj dalej

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Viennese cake with cherries

Tort wiedeński z wiśniami / Viennese cake with cherries

Until now I had not done this type of cake, in addition to the fragile bottom, and it is,. This moist and refreshing by the addition of peel and lemon juice. Well, cherries, which last I feel like a terrible. Czytaj dalej

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Wonderful cake! So in two words can describe it, what I managed to bake. I ate a lot of pastry with apples and each is for me a unique and delicious, I like them very much, but this cake is different. Czytaj dalej

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