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Cheese cake with Daim batonikami

Cheese cake with Daim batonikami

This cheese cake walk for me from the very, very long time, but what I bought the most important component (bars), strangely disappeared from the cabinet. That is why in a moment of great inspiration and great desire for cheesecake, I went to Ikea and night, was ready:). Czytaj dalej

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Cheesecake – best in the world

Cheesecake - best in the world :-)

I would like to dedicate this entry to Asia and Mariusz - my friends from Poznan przemiłym. It is thanks to this entry, because of their special request, and in principle the request, This baked cheesecake. And no big deal that this was not, if not for a tiny little thing - baked in them, a weekend visit. Czytaj dalej

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Pluszki – Russian yeast rolls

Pluszki - bułki drożdżowe

I had never thought, that used to fall in love with yeast dough. Because they are so hard to do and is so capricious. Now is a lie! According to. me there is nothing simpler. I love making yeast cakes and enjoy this wonderful fragrance which spreads through the house while baking. Czytaj dalej

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Cheese Muffins

Muffinka serowa

I had a great desire for cheesecake, but I had no time to wait for him. Rummaging in his notes and books came across a recipe, that satisfies the desire for cheesecake and yet not spend in the kitchen more than 20 minutes. Czytaj dalej

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Spiral Cheese stuffed peanut

Serowe spiralki

When I saw this recipe, at first I'm not impressed, but even so I decided to try, due to the appearance of the cookies. Cool, very large spirals like croissants. Proved to be very simple to do. The delicious taste. Recipe from the book, Hilaire Walden 'Cakes, cookies and muffins'. I recommend, because they are amazing! Czytaj dalej

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Black Forest Cheesecake

Sernik Black Forest

Apparently a man's taste taste changes every few years. Fortunately, the, because otherwise I would never eat the cheesecake. It was one of those cakes, that do not pass me by the throat. Czytaj dalej

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