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Tart with mascarpone without baking

Tart with mascarpone without baking

Today I propose you a delicious and instant tart, which you do not including oven. You will only need biscuits or an old sponge cake, mascarpone, fondant and fruit. Czytaj dalej

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3bit cake

Pastry 3-bit | 3-bit cake

This cake of a series of these, everyone already did and everyone ate. Simple, without baking and very, very sweet. Czytaj dalej

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Bajaderki (like cake pops)

Bajaderki (like cake pops)

Just an old biscuit, cake and little cakes and you can create. Quick and tasty. In a simple way we can prepare beautiful, small cookies. Czytaj dalej

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Cheese cake with peach mousse

Cheese cake with peach mousse / Peach mousse cheesecake

Very creamy, light and delicate with beautiful hint of peach. The top decorated with peach puree. It will be a perfect complement to sparrows and bab on Easter table. Czytaj dalej

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Baba Yaga hut

Baba Yaga hut

Why is this so called Cake, I have no idea. But I know, it is very simple and very, very delicious. Czytaj dalej

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