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On Wednesday, for the second time culinary workshops in the Akademii Kulinarnej And the second time I had the great pleasure to participate in them, and under the watchful eye of chef Robert Sowa prepare exquisite dishes. Once again, – to my great joy – the menu was a sushi, which enjoyed great success both in terms of preparing, and consumption.

JagnięcinaSkładniki do sushi
Ser peccorinoŁosoś marynowany

Due to this, the last time I got into 'rolling', Today I chose cooking carrot soup:) Cream Soup vegetable broth with orange, i kolendry imbiru… Delights. Another dish, tempted not only that the name was baked fillet of Norwegian salmon, served on stewed broad beans in a creamy sauce, and if, after giving, someone still felt hungry, waiting for him spicy duck breast with glazed apples and pears in honey and brandy. But do not think, it was the end, not… The last dish was served lamb served with a salad of spinach and cheese sauce Italian peccorino. And this last dish, This is my firm favorite. Aside from sushi, of course,… 🙂

Ciasto czekoladowo-orzechowe z pomarańcząTo anyone wanting nothing, I baked delicious chocolate cake – walnut with orange. And that's where I thank Kasia "I cook because I like’ for support and to this just cakes. About the same dough I'll just say, that everyone really liked and made a great sensation, Robert Sowa and asked for the recipe and I will immodestly say, that he could not nachwalić. It's nice one day to hear so much praise from so many people…

Everything tasted delicious…

SushPieczony łosoś

Everyone played very well…

Akademia kulinarna iLunchAkademia kulinarna iLunchAkademia kulinarna iLunchAkademia kulinarna iLunch:-)

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7 years ago

And where you can find the recipe for carrot soup and roasted salmon 🙂
Congratulations and best regards

10 years ago

I also want to cook!

From Asia :-))))

10 years ago

Wow! I envy, because it is what;) I congratulate – certainly was sensationally.

10 years ago

Wow ,,envy” in the positive sense, pzdr.magda

10 years ago

Oh no! I'd also like to cook with… Asiekiem! Why can Sowa, and I do not? 🙁
Kisses, I envy (Him)!
Pozdrowionka. ;))

co by tu zjesc
co by tu zjesc
10 years ago

Asya understand that this lady cuddled up in Owl is you?:)) I envy you a little that you could be there ,but so positive because I am not by nature, unless you zazdrośnica the husband ha ha ha.Ale so delicious, and nothing there, you had me in a package not przysłałaś dehaelem?:)) Next time take me with you just in case such a large on wheels because I'm a little big ha ha ha.Gratuluję and no wonder ,that you all give glory ,try not to let the praise…Kissing greet:))

10 years ago

super!! Cooking with the master…. envy :::

moje pasje
10 years ago

must have been wonderfully….