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Common cooking with Robert Sowa

Robert Sowa over garem carrot soup :-)

On Wednesday, the second time a workshop was held in the Culinary Academy Culinary And the second time I had the great pleasure to participate in them, and under the watchful eye of chef Robert Sowa prepare exquisite dishes. Once again, – to my great joy – the menu was a sushi. Czytaj dalej

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A culinary adventure c.d.

Delicious muffinka - Robert Sowa

It's been weeks since the first meeting of the "Academy of culinary iluncha" and I still can not shake off the impressions and emotions. How was? Despite my great concern and the initial resistance, meeting proved to be a fantastic culinary adventure. After a brief information of what … Czytaj dalej

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A culinary adventure

Zaproszenie Akademia Kulinarna

Portal iLunch organized under the slogan “Akademia Kulinarna iLunch” exclusive series of workshops for restaurant owners. The formula is based on meetings with “figures” Polish cuisine, where in addition to nice time, you can exchange experiences and even – ba! – try under the supervision … Czytaj dalej

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