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Pizza rural

Pizza rural

Today, another yeast baking. This time, however, will be seasoned. I invite you to enjoy a delicious pizza, which virtually upiekłyśmy with girls: Kate Presidents, Ola, Basia, Infinity and Domi. The cool thing is such a common cooking, I like a recipe and I'm sure, that each pizza is different and I'm very curious to. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate roulade – with walnuts

Yeast rolls with nuts

This fragrance which spreads out around the house, when the dough is baked is so wonderful, I could bake yeast every day. I do not know, what I did with him, I eat because I probably could not have been:). Czytaj dalej

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Buns with poppy seeds

Buns with poppy seeds

Once I did not like baking yeast. Neither eat, nor do. We may never found a good yeast dough, maybe just my taste taste has changed. Fortunately, things are different now and making pastries gives me great pleasure! Czytaj dalej

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Yeast cake with fruit and bread crumbs

Yeast cake with cranberries and crumble

Was stored in the refrigerator for a long time blueberries. Ideas on how to use them a thousand, but none has been carried out. Up to today, when I found in the refrigerator yeast. And in this way was delicious, soft and fluffy yeast dough. Czytaj dalej

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Butter Buns

Butter Buns

A delicious butter buns, which themselves melt in your mouth. At the same time a glass of milk. A light breakfast or afternoon snack. Ideal for small and large:). Czytaj dalej

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Yeast buns with cheese

Yeast buns with cheese

These rolls along with muffinkami marmurkowymi star of the evening were – and in fact the night – u Córciu in kindergarten. Apparently disappeared at a rate of lightning. They are very soft and fluffy. Czytaj dalej

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The dough for pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

It's the pizza dough I did a few times and never disappointed. It is made very quickly, bottom of the pizza comes out thin and crispy and fluffy side. Czytaj dalej

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Chleb z San Francisco (sourdough)

Sourdough bread, "from San Francisco"

This is my first sourdough bread. Earlier on yeast breads baked, but still, they are very tasty, it quickly loses its freshness. Finally broke down and I made the sourdough and now I regret, that so long delayed. Czytaj dalej

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Pluszki – Russian yeast rolls

Pluszki - bułki drożdżowe

I had never thought, that used to fall in love with yeast dough. Because they are so hard to do and is so capricious. Now is a lie! According to. me there is nothing simpler. I love making yeast cakes and enjoy this wonderful fragrance which spreads through the house while baking. Czytaj dalej

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Yeast baskets

Wielkanocne koszyczki drożdżowe

For some time my kitchen turned into a small factory producing baskets. Not, no means of wicker baskets, only baskets with dough. After taking the first, I liked it, that was the next and next and next ... Czytaj dalej

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