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Tiny pączusie with a hole, taste like donuts, perhaps a little less fluffy. But as good, that only smell when they left. I recommend a very! Czytaj dalej

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Walnut bundt cake

Walnut bundt cake

Well, I found a peanut bundt cake. Delicious, fragrant and moist. The ideal. We tasted and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Lords of the construction of a:) Czytaj dalej

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Pluszki – Russian yeast rolls

Pluszki - bułki drożdżowe

I had never thought, that used to fall in love with yeast dough. Because they are so hard to do and is so capricious. Now is a lie! According to. me there is nothing simpler. I love making yeast cakes and enjoy this wonderful fragrance which spreads through the house while baking. Czytaj dalej

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