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Cheesecake with poppy seeds and lemon curd

Sernik makowy z lemon curd | Poppy seed cheesecake with lemon curd

Taste… Special and unique. Definitely different than a regular cheesecake. Mak, which is added to the cheese making, that had to close my eyes, it would be difficult to guess, what kind of cake. Czytaj dalej

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Pineapple coconut cheesecake

Sernik kokosowo ananasowy / Pineapple coconut cheesecake

This cheesecake has long occupied my thoughts. Composing himself in the head with a recipe and thought about it. I wanted, that was perfect. Because whether a combination of pineapple with coconut is not a perfect combination? Czytaj dalej

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Vanilla mini-cheesecakes

Vanilla mini-cheesecakes

Perfect for dessert, Instant cooked. Such a small variation on the traditional cheesecake. Delicious, little fluffy cheesecakes. Czytaj dalej

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