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Gingerbread cottage

Gingerbread cottage (Gingerbread House) | Gingerbread Cottage

Do you ever tried your hand at building? I yes, This phase is behind me. But this time I got into the building of cottages. Of course, gingerbread cottages. Czytaj dalej

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Round gingerbread cookies

Okrągłe pierniczki | Round gingerbread cookies

Today ginger without punching, very quick to do and delicious. Ginger cookies are slightly crispy on the outside and very soft inside. Melt in your mouth. Czytaj dalej

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Gingerbread (recipe from Anna)

Pierniki Ani | Gingerbread

If you have not yet decided, Bake the gingerbread for Christmas, I still have the perfect recipe for you. Maybe it wants to give to your loved ones? I recommend you very much! Czytaj dalej

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Funny letters cookies

I have a proposal for you crisp cookies, which can be prepared in such dark days, together with their children. For me these are the letters, but they can be any shape. Same cookies are delicious, Butter and disappear in a strange way:) Czytaj dalej

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Apple pie with crumble topping

Apple pie with crumble topping / Apple pie with crumble

I love ciders and apple pie. The smell in the house… Wonderful. Today's cake for some time Zerkalo at me and smiled encouragingly at me. Czytaj dalej

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Royal icing decoration

Cottage with icing

Royal icing decoration – simple matter and the results amazing! Provision not only of icing but also the idea to spend the evening – especially when children are (and her husband 🙂 ). Czytaj dalej

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I'm doing it for several years, in bulk. Verbatim. Because I love him to bestow their closest friends and family. Their faces, when watching a gingerbread polukrowane are priceless. Czytaj dalej

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Buns with poppy seeds

Buns with poppy seeds

Once I did not like baking yeast. Neither eat, nor do. We may never found a good yeast dough, maybe just my taste taste has changed. Fortunately, things are different now and making pastries gives me great pleasure! Czytaj dalej

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Spanish donuts

Spanish donuts

For some time walked behind me. So when and little daughter began to talk about them, For me it was a good excuse, to make them:) They are delicious, as the best pastry shop. Czytaj dalej

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