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Tart with berries

Tart with berries

Chocolate underside fits perfectly with berries, a time delikatna, which reminds a little light cheesecake, completes the whole. Perfectly located in one… Czytaj dalej

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New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake | New York cheescake

Compact, very unctuous and creamy, with a delicate hint of lemon. Baked at a low temperature is not rising and falling, remained flat as a table. And it pleases me most 🙂 Czytaj dalej

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Pumpkin Cheesecake

It is astonishing. Creamy, soft and has a beautiful color. And of the butterscotch home… Sky! Try it? I recommend a very! Czytaj dalej

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Cheese pączusie

Pączki serowe | Cheese donuts

Doughnuts for busy. Very quick and very tasty. Their only drawback is that, you can not stop eating them. I recommend you very much! Czytaj dalej

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Chrusty (Faworki) / Angel wings

This is one of those cakes, which I do once a year. The carnival or Mardi Gras. Delicious, crispy chrusty, or if you prefer Faworki. Czytaj dalej

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As alpine gingerbread

Alpine gingerbread

This is the best gingerbread I have ever tasted. They are simply delicious! Soft, melt in your mouth and so fragrant Czytaj dalej

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Fat-free fruit cake


Tasty, and despite the lack of fat – undoubtedly for most of us will be a big advantage – do not dry. And to this very fast. I can in good conscience recommend! Czytaj dalej

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Apple pie with foam

Apple pie with foam

She came at the end of time and at her, though I regret that not pressed her somewhere closer in line, because it is delicious! Pie crust dough, plenty of apples and at the end of a delicate foam. The ideal! Czytaj dalej

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