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Chocolate Cake – truflowy

Chocolate truffle cake

Today's batch was made especially for the 10 thousands of fans on my profile fejsbukowym. I dedicate it was all my “fans” and all readers of my blog. Make yourself at home and help yourselves! I'll make coffee 🙂 Czytaj dalej

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Brazylianka | Brazylianka cake

Honey tops postponed two masses – One is a cream pudding, a second that jabłka. Perfect cake for larger parties, or a festive table Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate and coffee cake in cuffs (+film)

Chocolate-Coffee Cake | Chocolate&coffee cake

I hope, that not only the appearance of, but the taste will encourage you to face this challenge. Sponge cake soaked in coffee and liqueur baileys, superior coffee and chocolate cream. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate Cake with chocolate chips

Chocolate Cake with chocolate chips | Chocolate cake with chocolate chips

And another cake, I want you to offer for the Easter. Heavily Chocolate, with the addition of chopped chocolate, moist and fragrant. Tastes great with a cup of hot cocoa or milk. Czytaj dalej

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Stracciatella icecream

Lody stracciatella | Stracciatella icecream

I always dreamed of ice cream processor. And when I finally got it, I did not know where to start, because it was a lot of delicious flavors, to which I wanted. But today I propose to you a very easy straciatella icecream. Czytaj dalej

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Brownies with raspberries

Brownies z malinami / Brownies with raspberries

Raspberries and chocolate are the perfect combination and I think one does not need much to convince. Today, therefore, extremely chocolate, not too sweet, broken raspberries – brownies. Czytaj dalej

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Zebra (aka tiger :) cheesecake

Zebra (aka tiger :) cheesecake / Zebra cheesecake

For a moment I wondered whether the sense of showing it to you, but I found, that is so delicious and perfect in taste, that does not deserve it, so angry at him:) Czytaj dalej

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bundt cake with vanilla & marzipan

Grandmother Easter marzipan vanilla / Spanish vanilla and marzipan cake

The very smell, which propagates through the house during cooking promises, it will be very tasty baba. In addition to marzipan and vanilla has the chunks of chocolate are, and its additional advantage is, there is no fat. Czytaj dalej

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Hearts for Valentine's Day

Cookies - Valentine Hearts / Valentine's Day cookie hearts

If you do not know, What impress your loved one on Valentine's Day, I have a proposal for you. These cookies will behold in my ideal. Czytaj dalej

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Crispy rice block

Crispy rice block

Today's entry is a bit of a return to the past. Because when I was little, often ate the sweets and they can be purchased at any 'grocery'. Maybe slightly different form, but taste like. Czytaj dalej

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Chocolate pretzels

pretzels cocoa

Such a simple cake, ot, just cocoa biscuits. But I have something of such, that when they saw, I knew, I had to do it. They are tasty, just in time for afternoon tea, or jackdaws:). Czytaj dalej

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Triple Chocolate Muffins

Triple-chocolate muffins

When I have a bad mood, and somehow I feel bad I go to the kitchen and to relax… The relaxation came today delicious chocolate muffins, which always improves mood:) Are wet, resilient and very chocolate. Delicious! Czytaj dalej

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