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St Martin's croissants

St Martin's croissants | St Martin's croissants

These bagels are traditions Poznań. Once baked only 11 November, St Martin's day. Now you can eat every day. Definitely not the easiest croissants, it occurred to me to do. Czytaj dalej

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Meringue cake dacquoise

Tort bezowy / Meringue cake / Dacquoise

Sweet, but without exaggeration. Perfectly crispy and light, melt in your mouth meringue, delicious caramel cream. Nuts and dates to complete the whole. Czytaj dalej

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Honey Bread with dates and sesame seeds

Honey bread with dates

Today, the next installment in a series of joint care, to which she invited me Ela. At this time wallpaper went honey bread with dates. Cake as found on the festive table Czytaj dalej

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