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Salty twirls

Solanki / Salty twirls

Salty twirls – if they had never eaten, necessarily have to do, because they are really delicious. And if you eat, Do it all the more:). This will be your return to the past. I recommend a very! Czytaj dalej

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Garlic and herbs – rolls

Herb Buns | Garlic and herb rolls

Today, less sweet post. This does not mean, that less delicious. I have for you a perfect little buns, perfectly suitable for a snack, works well as an addition to the meat on the grill. Czytaj dalej

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Bread Fingers

Bread Fingers / Bread fingers

Fingers are perfect for snack, adults will like them both, and children. I recommend you very much. Czytaj dalej

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Potato cake

Potato cake

Today, a common cooking another scene where a second 'zagoniła’ Ola us. Delicious, derived from Podlasie cake, This is my recollection of the family home. Although I do not live in Podlasie, often did it for me. Czytaj dalej

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Roast chicken with lemon by Jamie

Roasted Chicken

This is my debut, which I consider a very successful! Chicken came out very tasty and very, very aromatic. I recommend! Czytaj dalej

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Pasta with roasted pumpkin with additives

pasta with roasted pumpkin

So far, not been preparing herself anything with pumpkin, though her taste is not alien to me. White wine and Parma ham zgrały well together and flavor which was hit exactly in my taste. The Tego's parmezan, sage and pine nuts. Czytaj dalej

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Pizza rural

Pizza rural

Today, another yeast baking. This time, however, will be seasoned. I invite you to enjoy a delicious pizza, which virtually upiekłyśmy with girls: Kate Presidents, Ola, Basia, Infinity and Domi. The cool thing is such a common cooking, I like a recipe and I'm sure, that each pizza is different and I'm very curious to. Czytaj dalej

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The dough for pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

It's the pizza dough I did a few times and never disappointed. It is made very quickly, bottom of the pizza comes out thin and crispy and fluffy side. Czytaj dalej

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