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You will find in my pies such as I – light, easy and quick to make and captivating guests (no me a little carried away here :-) – the fact is, I always sticking to the 'last piece'. What more could you want?

Tort tiramisu

Tort tiramisu

Easy and quick to make and very, so delicious. Such a small variation of tiramisu on biscuits. I recommend in particular those, who are afraid of raw eggs in the traditional tiramisu. Czytaj dalej

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Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake (rainbow cake)

Today, as a unique contribution to the previous, and perhaps even more… Today is 7 birthday of my greatest treasure in the world – my daughter of Susan. A unique opportunity, So unique cake, which after cutting caused a huge smile on the faces of all children and particularly jubilarian:) Czytaj dalej

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Tort diabelski

Devil cake with mascarpone

I would like to dedicate today's entry… themselves… Today is my birthday. Therefore, I offer a wish – you always wanted me to be so, and sometimes I do not want, so over my head the sun is always shining and everyone was happy to. Czytaj dalej

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