"Sękaczek" - Pastry with apples and wallnuts

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I do not know why this name, but I could not think of another, So I left the, what was the original. When I saw this cake, I knew, it was my tastes. Fragile bottoms postponed sour apple and ground walnuts topped up with fresh, honey crust. Or is it bad taste? Enjoyed it very much and I hope, that you also do not seduced. The dough is not hard to do, just a little bit stretched in time, baking because three separate bottoms. But it is worth, because the effect is great. Cake looks very nice and feels even better, so it may well satisfy itself as one of the Christmas cakes. I recommend you very much!

The recipe comes from the book, 102 cakes sister, Anastasia '. I changed the proportions of nut weight, as those listed in the book rather will be walnut soup, than a dense mass:)

Sękaczek - kruche ciasto z jabłkami i orzechami | Apple walnut pastry

Ingredients for fragile bottoms:

  • 350g of wheat flour
  • 250g margarine
  • 120g of sugar (I gave 100g)
  • 2 tablespoons of thick, sour cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder

Sift flour with baking powder, add sugar, eggs, sour cream and chopped into smaller pieces margarine. Knead a smooth dough. Divide the 3 equal parts.

Plaque measuring 25×30 cm parchment paper for baking, the first part of the dough and roll out the bottom of the plaque put. Bake at 210 ° C for 15 -20 minutes, to a nice golden brown in. In the same way the other two bake cakes. After baking, cool.

Apple mass:

  • 2kg of apples ( in my rennet)
  • 2 jelly in yellow

Peel the apples, carve jack and grate on the coarse mesh. Cook under the covers 10 minutes, give jelly (powder) and mix thoroughly. Cool slightly.

Nut weight:

  • 220g walnuts, coarsely chopped
  • 120g of sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of milk
  • 80g butter

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, Stir and bring to the boil. Cool.

First insert the bottom fragile plaque, put on half the weight of the apple, cover with second pie, apple put the weight back and cover the bottom of the last. Put on top of the cooled mass of walnut. Set aside in a cool place to a concentration. The cake is best the next day (even further with each passing day even better), the bottoms of apples are tender.

Sękaczek - kruche ciasto z jabłkami i orzechami | Apple walnut pastry

Sękaczek - kruche ciasto z jabłkami i orzechami | Apple walnut pastry

Sękaczek - kruche ciasto z jabłkami i orzechami | Apple walnut pastry



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73 response to „"Sękaczek" - Pastry with apples and wallnuts

  1. avatar DanutaPiecyk writes:

    Dziś zrobiłam ciasto z twojego przepisu, ciasto rewelacyjne, dziękuję za przepis i pozdrawiam :)

  2. avatar Agnieszka writes:

    Well, again, I'm not here problem.Niestety jellies and I can not buy them .Moge replace gelatine dissolved in a little bit of juice if it add .Tylko?

  3. avatar Niki writes:

    I made a cake for his birthday. Tucking it away, is delicious and simple to prepare :). Weight walnut sensational! I recommend :)

  4. avatar Aneta writes:

    Delicious cake. I modified the recipe a little bit and I added apples and jelly one lemon jelly. Revelation!

  5. avatar iwcia27 writes:

    Very good cake recommendable for me went in one day, I cordially greet:-)

  6. avatar kuchareczka writes:

    How do you know that would emerge soup???

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Because I have seen proportions and imagination.

      • avatar kuchareczka writes:

        This is wrong because I did and it worked out great….unfounded criticism from your site, the only thing is zgapiasz from other!

        • avatar Asiek writes:

          I'm not wrong, also did not mówiłabym nonsense. „Zgapiam” other? And..., clear, I am a silly goose who can not come up with anything alone. I suggest you review your blog and then criticize me. And if you do not like it, no one on the force here is not holding, network much is blogging, which do not „zgapiają” only create their own excellent rules :)

          • avatar kuchareczka writes:

            Apparently you have to doszkolić if you did not work out, I suggest lessons from Margarytki:) She is great, at least not zgapia and orginalna:)

          • avatar Asiek writes:

            Sorry, but this discussion is superfluous and out of place. If you came here, to insult me, that you will not succeed because I have the nose of this type of opinions like yours, that did and did not contribute to the provision. And when it comes to Margarytkę, and yes it, is great, I know personally and been friends for several years. But you probably know, if you're her fan. You probably know, Margarytki find that in the rules that – note! – come from my blog. Does this mean, that it is ignorant??
            I hope, that I will no longer have to answer your strange and unpleasant comments. I did something wrong to, that you have the aggression in the?
            I feel sorry for…
            P.S. Interesting, why did not you write this fejsie? Aa! I know, then we are no longer anonymous…

          • avatar Kasia writes:

            You Asia and the earlier you wrote, that you have seen proportions and imagination, and in the following commentary, that doing….hmmm itself deny???Too bad only on FB why do not you handed the girl you wrote… not cool your behavior!

          • avatar Asiek writes:

            If I change something in the recipe, it always has been checked. And it applies only to the provision. I can not say, I did the weight of nut according to the recipe from the book, I'd lied. I began to do and none of it came out, So I changed the proportions and gave. I wrote, I wrote. I do not deny anything because I have nothing to deny or be ashamed. My behavior is appropriate to the situation. The girl who wrote, clearly accused me of ignorance and „odgapianie” and in such situations on your own blog I'm not going to agree. Read all comments, maybe then you'll be more objective. I understand, that the behavior of the person, which evidently poured me some anger is okay, but my behavior is no longer… Bo co?
            Why you do not you write to fejsbuku? I am not ashamed to write fejsie what I think, but I see that what Some people have a problem with that. Otherwise, in their statements I make no one hurt and no one is offended, In contrast to the person, the defending.
            Discussion I think is not worthy of further follow-up and closed.

        • avatar Agnieszka writes:

          I read each of the comments already made cakes and „captivated ” I say so with kuchareczki.Niestety use the recipes from other people (at the end of the provision is a postscript from whom comes recipe) with all our little modification of taste, ksztaltu.
          I use the recipes from this blog (also with a small modification ) or from my grandmother who was a walking book still cook .Niestety „zgapiamy ” other ,that already is. First, since we have , grandmother ,Aunt. Then from colleagues or friends , from TV or from books. It is a pity to waste time accuse people of „zgapiaja” because we all do.
          Kuchareczka I wish you to make your rules were unique and be a cautionary (keep them under lock and key) because someone will use them.
          Asiek Buzek to the top .Przepisy great and do not worry . As my grandmother used to say, there are always people that have a claim to a cat with no barks

          • avatar Asiek writes:

            Fortunately, the less and less I experience such comments, but those, which is a write, sometimes you just might think :)

  7. avatar But writes:

    The dough is rewelacyjne.Niebo in mouth :)

  8. avatar Princessaa writes:

    And if you use a smaller form 25x25cm will not need to change the amount of ingredients?!

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      For mass apple slices will not be a matter much, because nothing happens, how will her some more, I do not know, or layers of shortcrust pastry will be a little too thick…

  9. avatar Princessaa writes:

    Can I use a plaque 25x35cm do not have, such as the provision…

  10. avatar Princessaa writes:

    I'm starting burning and how many percentage of cream use?!

  11. avatar Kaja writes:

    Thank you very much now I can go ahead and bake a delicious Spread sorry for so many questions but make sure wolałm. Thank you a great recipe for sure wypróboję:). Ps. When it comes to the type of butter I mean whether such. Use of such plant or a whetstone… It's all I know Thanks:)

  12. avatar Kaja writes:

    Cake looks delectable… I have a few questions; the dough does not come out too sweet?! After a foul apple juice or squeeze once the fry?! That, however, add whole eggs?! What honey use?! Butter is to be ordinary or ankle?! I give homemade cream?! And if punctures wiedelcem pies before baking will help it in something?!

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Layer apples and jelly is sour, So the whole pie for me is not too sweet, but it is always a matter of taste :) You can reduce the amount of weight walnut sugar.
      There is nowhere mention of stamping apple juice.
      I did the dough according to the recipe from the book and there are whole eggs (effect can be seen in the pictures).
      Natural honey, without much matter what (but hardly Buckwheat).
      What is the usual butter and the ankle, I do not understand the question? Butter is butter, not margarine, not just any mix of butter – fat than 80%.
      If your home is sour cream and thick so.
      Cakes bake evenly, there is no need of puncturing.
      Uffff… :)

  13. avatar gosika004 writes:

    and if I bake the day before the same tops and a second transfer, I ask because I'm afraid that does not soften?:)

  14. avatar Monika writes:

    I made this cake today and it worked perfectly. My boyfriend and parents are thrilled and certainly this is not the last meeting of the cake :) Thank you for the great recipe

  15. avatar Of writes:

    I made this cake at a ceremony at the school my son , came out perfectly……..I greet!

  16. avatar Irena writes:

    I have a question, whether the amount of flour to the margarine is good and even cream, cake came to me very luźniutkie, whether this is to be? I added more flour and bake, see how to come out. You can see the illustration, that will pyszniutkie:)

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      So, All amounts are correct. The dough should not be loose, rather compact. But sometimes actually trzdba add a little flour, because as you know, flour flour does not equal… I hope, that in spite of the cake comes out as it should:)

  17. avatar ania writes:

    if you can somehow replace the nuts ?

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      You may simply not give, ciasto the Polish np. chocolate sauce, but for me, the dough will lose its flavor and charm.

  18. avatar elka writes:

    I made this cake for a family celebration, and I have one remark,you see the dough into bottoms rather fragile egg yolks, add the same(as it is in the original recipe p.Anastazji) and not the whole jaja.Wtedy weight will be more compact and not very sticky,which can not be put on blachę.Moja version with whole eggs landed in the basket,despite the fact that I always add to the dough crispy same żółtka.To's just a note in case you're wondering if that cake does not want to move away from hands;)Besides good cake.

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Until I checked as in that provision of sisters Anastasia, and yet is so, I wrote, 2 eggs. I do not kleiło cake, everything was ok with it. Maybe enough to add a little more flour? However, wheat flour does not equal…

      • avatar elka writes:

        Welcome,I agree,that in the original recipe are 2 eggs in storage,but the description of the performance included only żółtka.Mi unfortunately, adding a large amount of flour did not help so I decided to find out why;)Regards

  19. avatar asieu writes:

    Asya mmmm delicious cake you can dachas delicious whipped szmietany szystkim szmakowało porzdrawiam Asya mmmmm hihihihi

  20. avatar Nothing writes:

    Can I use the ready-made countertops tortowych?

    As if the creams?
    Increase the proportion of,

  21. avatar there is writes:

    I made a cake,of course, was not without problems,I had to give more flour,because to me terribly kleiło,can cream wine,I gave 2 kopiczaste tablespoons(All in all it gave daughter)August so it's very tasty cake kleiło.ale,I recommend to all.

  22. avatar Kasia writes:

    Hell, not once have the sękaczek recipe book …is great and always comes!!!

  23. avatar Anne Lichońb writes:

    no i did….. in circular form but also looks ok:)
    is delicious.. and this mass of apple.. revelation combination of lemon and orange jelly made the apples cool acquired taste.. My child says the peach mmm yummy :)))

    I turned and only the third cake baked with nuts unless, as in this famous your orzechowcu.. but it came out gorgeous..

    Asiulka're the best!!!! my repertoire for the holidays: Your dough themselves up 6:))
    Cie nice and warm greetings :*

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Awfully glad I did and the cake tasted:) This baking with nuts might not be so bad:) And I'm so pleased, that up to the back of my recipes you use:) Thank you!:)
      Yours sincerely:)

  24. avatar there is writes:

    wyglada.wyrobione delicious cake baked straight away?no need to cool in the refrigerator?

  25. avatar Goshia writes:

    Welcome:) I did this morning tree cake:) cake…mmm…heaven in your mouth:)

  26. avatar gin writes:

    Very appetizing cake :)
    And the wonderful cake tongs :)

  27. avatar Krissy writes:

    Great recipe. At one time, my mom did something similar, but with a slightly different „agent”. Just in time for the holidays, I'll try to do :)

  28. avatar Clementine writes:

    Wonderfully równuitkie, I fell in love! Of course, saved on the waiting list, I greet!

  29. avatar Rania writes:

    Hi, this is very nice, can i know how much milk? English translation is not very clear

  30. avatar mushroom mouse writes:

    I love the cake :) is divine! Slink is what leci 😉

  31. avatar Nemi writes:

    Your photos are stunning!

  32. avatar zufik writes:

    Perfect and Christmas in the mood:)

  33. avatar Ola writes:

    as always great baking and beautiful pictures… 😉

  34. avatar Maggie writes:

    Extremely elegant cake! And the weight has to taste delicious.

  35. avatar zauberi writes:

    looks przecudownie!!!I must be seduced into a miracle this weekend :)

  36. avatar martex.82 writes:

    baked once a sękaczka, I really enjoyed, especially the mass of walnut, I even burnt my tongue. Your came out perfectly, beautiful pictures and perfect cube.

  37. avatar Anne Lichoń writes:

    Asiu, a jelly may be of a different color? such as cherry or red? it will not interfere? or necessarily has to be yellow and the yellow is what? pineapple lemon or orange can be? sorry for the questions but the will first check before I:)) and no, one more thing.. not sweeten apples? acid will not be?

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Yellow is the best of taste and visual reasons. It can be one yellow, one orange. I added lemon and orange. Do not be too sour, because they are sweet jelly, and to the mass of walnut is very sweet, so all the flavors are perfectly matched to each other.

  38. avatar iza writes:

    looks pretty; I like the layered dough very. I neatly pokroiłas Asya buuu I do not know how

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