Vanilla cheese – and apricot tart

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Do you like tarts? If so, necessarily have to try this. Ideal fragile bottom and drowned in a creamy apricot, vanilla nadzieniu. All sprinkled with almond flakes. In fact,, This tart is no need of special advertising. Just look at her and I feel like I want to eat. The inspiration for it was the cheese tart, znaleziona w książce ‚120 wypieków’, but because it, that in the fridge for quite some time waiting for apricots, I modified it heavily, and left this here fragrant tart:) I recommend a very!

For the preparation of both the bottom and the cream I used vanilla paste, I received from Store

Tarta z morelami / Vanilla cheese and apricot tart

Ingredients for pastry:

  • 150g of wheat flour
  • 25g caster sugar
  • 125g butter
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla paste
  • 1 tablespoon of cold water

For these components quickly knead dough. The form of the tart with a diameter 24 cm just smear grease. Roll out the dough and put it the form. puncture crust with a fork.

Bake at 190 ° C for 20 – 25 minutes, the browning of the dough. After this time, remove from the oven. Minute cool.

Ingredients for cheese filling:

  • 250g fat shredded cheese, three times (I used a fat content wiaderkowego 26%)
  • 150g ricotty
  • 4 tablespoons whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla pudding (powder)
  • 3 eggs
  • 125g caster sugar
  • 2 teaspoon of vanilla paste


  • 400g apricot
  • almond flakes to sprinkle the top of tarts

All components of the cream cheese until light together into a smooth paste. The finished weight put on the pastry podpieczone. Wash apricots, Halve the, remove seeds. Put on the cheese. The top sprinkle with almond flakes.

Reduced bakery temperature to 170 ° C and bake tart for 4o minutes. After this time the oven off, Open the door and leave the tart in the 10 minutes. Then remove and cool to the end.

And traditionally few words on the test vanilla paste. When I started to use sugar and vanilla with real vanilla extract instead of vanilla sugar, I did not think, that there is something, What can puncture taste and intensity of the odour of these products. After using the paste of vanilla fell in love with her. Verbatim. Its odor is so intense, that even a small teaspoon added to make dough, it will be beautiful smell and taste even better. Because of its intensity, is very efficient, and hence, for long enough. It differs from the vanilla extract, that is without alcohol. I highly recommend, certainly will settle permanently in my kitchen.

Tarta z morelami / Vanilla cheese and apricot tart

Tarta z morelami / Vanilla cheese and apricot tart

Tarta z morelami / Vanilla cheese and apricot tart

Tarta z morelami / Vanilla cheese and apricot tart



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42 response to „Vanilla cheese – and apricot tart

  1. avatar Agnieszka writes:

    Słodki ser, delikatnie kwaśne morele, kruchy spód i chrupiące migdały – idealne połączenie :) ciasto wyszło na prawdę pyszne i przebiło według gości nawet sernik mojej mamy, którym wcześniej wszyscy się zajadali. Teraz ten jest na 1 miejscu :)

  2. avatar Agnieszka writes:

    Wyszła naprawdę pyszna! Najlepszy sernik jaki w życiu jadłam :) fluffy and soft. A do tego mega kruche ciasto i morele… Dziś upieklam juz drugie, bo pierwsze rozeszło się w jeden dzień i nawet nie dotrwało do weekendu :)

  3. avatar Carolina writes:

    My tart just bakes in the oven. It promises to be sensational ! :)

  4. avatar Ania writes:

    Slowly I prepare to the wonders – no, unfortunately no vanilla paste.
    Although I ordered it today, but I can not hold as long as the package will :)
    I have a question about a possible winter version – or as you run out of fresh apricots, whether it can be replaced by such canned or dried? – Sure it's not the same…?

  5. avatar Eve writes:

    Asiu, if the dough does not rise during podpiekania, do not need to charge?

  6. avatar Honey writes:

    Piękna tarta Asiu! Let's just coming season for apricots and hope, it will be an opportunity to upichcenia :) Regards

  7. avatar kat beb writes:

    aaaa and yet can be modified, What I am I made of wheat flour instead of whole grain flour recommended for diabetics fructose instead of sugar, and you can make this version zs plums and a duet Antonówka – sisters try

  8. avatar kat beb writes:

    best rules are as simple as building cepa and on top of these regulations go goodies and this is the case :)

  9. avatar Goshia 234 writes:

    I think came out great, skosztowałam kawałeczek ale jeszcze gorący 😀 zrobiłam pół na pół morele plus śliwki zobaczymy która wersja będzie lepsza :)

  10. avatar Goshia 234 writes:

    just start doing it :) I have everything except the vanilla paste ;/ for the vanilla sugar and oil can also give advice
    dam znać jak wyszło 😉

  11. avatar Many of the writes:

    I look and I feel like a:)

  12. avatar Ptasie_Mleczko writes:

    and ricotta can replace it? and whether or not it will look better as a skin arrange the apricots down?

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      You can add the mascarpone, it will be the cream. I like the crust to the top, but if you more like the opposite, so do:)

  13. avatar Ania writes:

    And I have this question – cheese with a fat content of 26%… The highest content of which I found in fat cheese was 14,5% :( Which cheese is so fat?

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      A np. wiaderkowy cheese curd kanapkowo- sernikowy ‚Mój ulubiony’ z Wielunia… With Piątnicy also has somehow 24 unless… So are:)

  14. avatar Asiek writes:

    Thank you for your nice comments, I recommend tart, I came out very tasty:)
    Cordially greet all!

  15. what a perfect summer dessert. yum!

  16. avatar Ola writes:

    oh yes, apricots and almonds perfectly blend with each other

  17. avatar Majana writes:

    And, I did last year, a delicious apricot tart, Jeju what it was good.
    Your Asya looks divine and delicious:)

  18. avatar but writes:

    promises to be incredibly delectable:)

  19. avatar judik writes:

    It looks delicious! Saving provision:)

  20. avatar gin writes:

    Yum :) You are right – do not need to boost. It looks so beautiful, that as much as I salivate to monitor :)

  21. avatar Evitaa writes:

    A man learns his life :) – I had never heard of vanilla paste. An interesting invention! A tart heavenly :).

  22. avatar mojetworyprzetwory writes:

    What a beautiful and lush, this apricot tart! I love the consummate works of apricots, I am a huge fan;)

  23. avatar sandrzy writes:

    mmm looks really appetizing; writing down my notesiku with you to try

  24. avatar Brenia writes:

    I love tarts! And this looks so yummy, that it was impossible to resist :)

  25. avatar jerry61 writes:

    After the eighth mousse cheesecake with peach under your rule [I know it by heart] on Saturday I will try their hand with crumbs ,Although I have objections to the apricots which do not like but in this form can be ok.Spróbuję

  26. Wow!, but marvel. Incredibly impressive! And this color… :)

  27. avatar asieja writes:

    with these apricots pomarszczyły :-)))

  28. avatar Cat-flavors writes:

    oh right, I do not need praise. moral, vanilla and cream cheese filling – brilliant :) I would be tempted even the largest dinner :)

  29. avatar kitchen mess writes:

    Yum, I really like these tarts, and they laugh morelki up to me :)

  30. avatar Izaa writes:

    looks beautiful….I ask the piece maker. Cool the pasta you will need to try it out :)))

  31. avatar karmel-itka writes:

    I like very, but not in my house XD
    a pity.

    delicious, cheesecake tart. with apricots, oh!

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