Exclusive apple pie

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I think about apple pie quite some time. Just not quite know, what I really want. And when I found this cake, I wondered not long. Because what, What about the fact that now is not the season for apples? As I just felt like apples:). A delicate sponge cake, apples surrounded by a tangy jelly, and sweet cream pudding on the top, sprinkled with crispy coconut (I had to strongly hold back, to not eat the whole sprinkles). Great. Anyway, see for yourself. I recommend a very!

Recipe found on the blog O pysznym jedzeniu (About the delicious food).

Wyjątkowa szarlotka / Exclusive apple pie

Ingredients for the sponge:

  • 5 eggs (separate the yolk and the egg white)
  • 3/4 glass caster sugar
  • half a cup of cake flour
  • half a cup of potato flour
  • 2 flat teaspoons of baking powder

Beat egg whites until stiff, at the end of churning add sugar to add parties, whisking all the time. Then add one by one eggs, mixing after each. Sift the flour with the powder and add to eggs, gently stir in the low speed mixer.

Plaque size 25x30cm (baked at 25×25, but the cake came out very high and I had a problem with the fit mass puddings, So I suggest a larger plate) just smear grease, bottom of the parchment paper for baking. Biscuit prepared to translate to the gills, align.

Bake at 170 ° C for 35 minutes, or the so-called. dry stick. Remove from the oven, cool.

Apple mass:

  • 3 lemon jelly (75g pack)
  • 5-6 medium-sized apples
  • 3 cup of hot water

Dissolve jelly in 3 cups of hot water. Peel the apples, hollow sockets and grate, the coarse mesh. Pour into hot jelly and mix. When the jelly begins to harden, I cooled down pour on sponge cake.


  • half a liter of milk
  • half a glass of sugar (125ml)
  • 1 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons of potato flour
  • 1 spoon flour
  • 200g butter, softened

With a pint of milk and pour off half a cup of flour to distribute it. The rest of the milk to boil with sugar and vanilla. Pour the boiling milk into the mass of flour and cook pudding. Cool.

Soft butter until light and fluff, add a spoonful of cold custard. Blend until smooth. Ready to put the jelly cream.


  • 100g desiccated coconut
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 100g margarine or butter (I propose to give less, so with 70g, because a lot of butter, pour)

All components of the granules brown in a frying pan, with constant stirring. Cool, Sprinkle with cold cream.

Cool cake in the refrigerator for several hours, and preferably all night.

Wyjątkowa szarlotka / Exclusive apple pie

Wyjątkowa szarlotka / Exclusive apple pie



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79 response to „Exclusive apple pie

  1. avatar Tasting Friends writes:

    I also have a problem with jelly, because I do not want to concentrate – Even after addition of two portions of gelatin. I wonder if it does not depend on the acidity of the apples (as np. you can not pour kiwi jelly, I did not come out). I have a question about custard – my almost weighed – I think, that my mixing process lasted a little too long, or it can be the cause of poor mass consistency.
    Sponge cake came out beautifully while – I had to cut out 1.5cm, I went for a high. I hope, jelly that I finally succeed, I can not wait for the dough. :)

  2. avatar Beata writes:

    Hello Sweetest Babeczko.
    I have a question…no need to soak the sponge ? whether there will be too dry?
    the weight of the apple is enough to soften him?

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      I'm not your nasączałam, because apple jelly is wet, but if you fear, it will be too dry, This, of course, you can soak a little sponge.

  3. avatar Martysiaa writes:

    Cake is delicious ! I am a beginner in the field of baking cakes and I have to admit, sponge that came to me the second time around, maybe that's why it should be put to more warming in the oven (at least to me it just happened) but the rest came out perfectly! I recommend!

  4. avatar wing writes:

    Babeczko, Ratuj!
    chce nie moja zastygnąć galaretka. Did zrobiłam Nie co wiem.

  5. avatar mushroom murine writes:

    Jest idealna! Uwielbiam talkie szarlotki <3

  6. avatar ulka writes:

    I did, I am delighted. Cake is a long time in my menus for different occasions and no occasion. Delicious and very effective. Thank you for the recipe. Pozdrawiam 😀

  7. avatar Renata writes:

    I made it and I just could not help but taste even a piece of. Pychotka!!! See, what other consumers say my cake.
    Thank you for the recipe and greet nice and warm in the cold day can. Fall

  8. avatar Dorcia writes:

    Yesterday I baked and honest, the cake is truly unique. All she loved! All your recipes are worth it to try them out. Thank you for the inspiration:)

  9. avatar iwona writes:

    Hello! The dough is very similar Trociniaka,except that here the cakes are jelly agrestowe.Pozdrawiam! I would add the cake is very tasty.

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Somebody's already talked about that name, I did not know her before. But all in all, no matter how the animals, important, that good:)

  10. avatar monika_k3 writes:

    cake looks interesting…I have a question, These proportions are on that plaque? (dimensions).

  11. avatar olka writes:

    It looks beautiful,I'm going the right ingredients and bake,I hope ,that comes out delicious:)

  12. avatar Edith writes:

    As previously mentioned, I was delighted with the cake, when once again occurred to me to not feel like it turned out that the refrigerator was the lack of milk, butter, and no coconut…but were I 2 pouches of cream 30% dessert and chocolate…
    So instead of a cream with roasted grated budyniowego slaughtered with whipped cream 3 spoons of sugar and 4 teaspoons gelatin on top and sprinkle grated chocolate..
    It came out just as sensational as the first version ! I really strongly recommend !
    By these „experiments”teraz będę miała ogromne dylematy za każdym razem a mianowicie którą wersję wybrać 😉

  13. avatar Liwiao writes:

    This cake has a name – is called „trociniak”

  14. avatar Bear writes:

    The dough came out delicious and extremely fragile! ;D
    I especially liked those accounted for in a few minutes removed from the refrigerator, is then such mięciusie and melt in your mouth…:>
    Jeszcze nigdy nie udało mi się upiec tak puszystego biszkoptu jak ten 😉
    A topping ? Mmmm….now I know what I been preparing at home when no overlaps constituents and our desire for something sweet, naprawdę jest pyszna 😉
    Advice cake Highly recommended!!! ;]

  15. avatar Marzenna writes:

    A great recipe…did …Now try with cherries:)
    Thanks and regards:)

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      I am very happy! And how will you do with cherries, This let me know because I heard, light that comes out zakalec.
      Thanks and regards:)

      • avatar Marzenna writes:

        I made with cherries and cherry jelly. No trace of raw spot:)
        Pride… I took the cherries – glasses.
        Thanks again for a delicious cake… will be with me in different varieties:)

  16. avatar Quiet writes:

    Zrobiłam w weekend 😉

  17. avatar Kasia Majewska writes:

    I'm not a big fan of pastry with apples. Even for a delicious apple pie my mom not really fond. But I must admit, This recipe that intrigued me and I decided to try it out. Dough made an excellent impression on me, not only, but also to all my family, that might try my baking on a Sunday afternoon in the garden. The combination of pudding with apples and coconut gives a great taste. I recommend.

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      It's nice to read such comments. I'm glad, that despite the dislike of apple pie, But to do it odważyłaś. But most are happy, that taste:)
      Best regards and thank you!

  18. avatar zufik writes:

    But for me the most season has already started on apples because of their rapid fall from the trees, I do not know whether the heat or what…apple pie with us every few days;) Your very appetizing .. Regards

  19. avatar mariola1975 writes:

    It looks appetizing,I like apple pie just recently I used the roasted apples with Ldl and even came out great.

  20. avatar Barrett writes:

    For the Apples Mass what is the unit of measurement for the lemon jelly? It just says 3. Thanks.

  21. avatar myfudo writes:

    Love the layers…Can’t wait for the weekend, will definitely have to make this sooner.

  22. avatar Kaś writes:

    fabulous! especially mass apple delights

  23. avatar Magda writes:

    Well I think that just-in-law to do imieny. I thought that I would mention just a different flavor jelly, but I'll add sugar,thank you.

  24. avatar Magda writes:

    Still I'll be inquisitive (I apologize for that). The provision of written, just so I wonder if by the lemon jelly cake is not very sweet or acidic?Because we like to very sweet ;-).

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      A Enquire, in the end it is I'm here:) Lemon jelly apples is not sweet, jeśli faktycznie lubicie ‚na słodko’, you can add to the taste of sugar to it. You can also do just as sweet pudding, Also adding sugar:) And how do, This need to be commended!

  25. avatar Bernadette writes:

    World Championship! wow.

  26. avatar Magda writes:

    Almonds-wonderful, because I love,Thanks for your reply,as soon as I finish with my diet-bake.

  27. avatar Perfect Party writes:

    A ja jednak wolę szarlotkę w tradycyjnej wersji 😉

  28. avatar wiosenka27 writes:

    Delicious cake:)

  29. avatar Goshia writes:

    It looks so appetizing, that as much as I want to be tempted :)

  30. avatar Gabi writes:

    I am lucky enough to! Dwelling in the new house did not know, Asia it will be my neighbor. Now, It is an unofficial taster cakes:) I say to you, Each is very delicious. Apple pie was simply divine! My husband is a devoted fan of creativity Asi:)))

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Gabrysiu, I thank you for a lovely comment and visit!:) Normally until blushes!:) I also am pleased, we're neighbors, bo mam na kim teraz ‚trenować’ i uczyć się:)

  31. avatar Ola writes:

    great! the end result is just great

  32. avatar Magda writes:

    It looks divine! Pytanko tiny, You can replace the coconut? Unfortunately I am not able to swallow them and this is my desire to do ciacho.

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      I would have replaced the almond flakes, but without the sugar and weight, I only uprażyła a dry frying pan, according to me they will fit perfectly:)

  33. avatar martex.82 writes:

    wonderful, beautiful, appetizing photos, Also, contrary to prevailing seasonal fruits of some apple pie happy spałaszowałabym. I did a very similar cake, trociniaczka, the, that crossed the biscuit 2 tops and cream pudding was 2 layer.

  34. avatar moje pasje writes:

    Fantastic Asya!!! This elegant and the coconut…. mmmmm…. I love :) To musi być pyszne 😀 Pozdrawiam Cię cieplutko !!!!!
    PS. How are the clove?

  35. avatar Justin&Dorothy writes:

    Wow… How High the Apple Pie!! Cudna :)

  36. This cream made me very encouraged to try:)))

  37. avatar Antenka writes:

    Beautiful Cake! looks amazing!:)

  38. avatar Izaa writes:

    no ciekawe ciekawe 😉 musi być pyszne to ciasto :))) I greet

  39. My dear zjadłabym herself all this cake plate:) IDEAL!!!

  40. avatar Margarytka writes:

    I really like this ciacho… only already scheming how to reduce the biscuit, I do not like cake at such a high sponge – clog me mercilessly and then I got the hiccups :-)
    And of course now I opened the drawer „combinations” and I go head to currant currant jelly… Ales are done now Asya, salivary glands, not only imagination but I pobudziłaś :-)

    • avatar Asiek writes:

      Ha! Think, that only you can act on the senses and the imagination of other? Not, is so well:) As can be seen, I also sometimes goes:):)hihihihi! I was very happy with it. A sponge or the next time I fell, I grew up I am very, and so half of the stiffened. On the other fruits will also be super-! I'm waiting, which come up:):)

  41. avatar mojetworyprzetwory writes:

    This apple pie torcikowa! Delicious and beautifully presented as!

  42. avatar Majana writes:

    What a great! Beautiful ,delicious, fragrant. Oh yeah, dreaming up.

  43. avatar abbra writes:

    I am not surprised , that you felt like SUCH apple pie – she would gladly eat a few pieces !
    To co , że nie pora 😉 [ past summer I happened to bake gingerbread, because I had a great desire for him ] :)

  44. avatar Dietary frills writes:

    It looks truly regal! :)

  45. avatar karmel-itka writes:

    normally… my jaw dropped!

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